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Three Dark Crowns | Backlist Review

Hi friends! I'm here with a review for a book I read a WHILE ago: namely, Three Dark Crowns. I wrote this review right after finising the book...and I'm so sorry for the cringey mess you;re about to suffer through. One Sentence Synopsis Three sisters try to kill each other to compete to be queen. … Continue reading Three Dark Crowns | Backlist Review

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I Heart Characters

Hi friends! I'm back with another I Heart Characters post!! This meme is hosted by the wonderful Dani @ Perspective of A Writer and today's topic is High School First Love! *smirks*. Ahem. Well. There's a small, tiny, practically non-existent chance...OH WHO AM I KIDDING. I'm not (that) ashamed to admit that I would (and do) have a terrible crush… Continue reading I Heart Characters

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Places We Need More Books Set In

Hi friends! I'm back with another post all about places I want to see more books set in. Let's do this thing! Paris! *sings obnoxiously* IF WE GO DOWN, THEN WE GO DOWN TOGETHER! Sure, we're getting more books set here (see: Enchanteé, Grim Lovelies) but I want more. There's something about Paris that makes it… Continue reading Places We Need More Books Set In

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Tag Tuesday: I’m The Map, I’m The Map, I’m The Map!

Hi friends! Today I'm back with another super fun Tag Tuesday, hosted by one of my favorite bloggers Shanah @ Bionic Books! To answer that question floating around your brain: yes that title is a Dora reference and no I haven't lost my sanity*. BUT today's post is all about my Top 5 bookish maps!… Continue reading Tag Tuesday: I’m The Map, I’m The Map, I’m The Map!

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Most Anticipated September Releases!

Hi friends! Today, I'm going to go over my most anticipated releases for September and protect your wallets, because these books are going to steal your money (and your hearts). Also I'll be blasting September Song because FALL IS HERE. FINALLY.   Ze 4th of September When Elephants Fly by Nancy Richardson Fischer, MY REVIEW: I really enjoyed this… Continue reading Most Anticipated September Releases!


Clockwork Princess | I’ve Never Cried So Flippin Hard Before

  A Million Tears and Clockwork Angels (five stars) This may be the most incoherent thing I've ever written despite it being, you know, AN ENTIRE WEEK since I finished this thing? Please accept my most heartfelt apology if I end up chanting in Turtle. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Those last 100 pages were sorrow and heartbreak and that… Continue reading Clockwork Princess | I’ve Never Cried So Flippin Hard Before