August 2018 TBR

Hi friends! I want to go over my TBR that I probably won’t stick with because I’m weird. Anyway, here it is!



I really want to get to this e-arc even though the publication date isn’t until next year, it’s always good to get ahead though. (Translation: I accidentally read 50 pages and am now hooked help me please).



I really, really need to catch up. And fingers crossed I love this book? I wasn’t a huge fan of City of Fallen Angels so I’m kinda scared haha.



I’m very hesitant on this because I read the illustrated version a few years back and um put it down and never picked it back up. But I’ve gotta read it for school this year so SUFFER I MUST.



Hopefully once I finish CoLS I can finish out the spectactular Infernal Devices trilogy! And knowing me, I’ll be that one heartless person who doesn’t shed a single tear while reading it but whatever.

That’s it! I made my TBR super short because I’ll be gone for part of the month and I really need to get to the library. I’ll do a library haul though, and let you guys know if anything changes! See ya soon, au revoir!

9 thoughts on “August 2018 TBR

  1. Good luck! I’m just behind you in the CC books – I’m reading Clockwork Prince right now, and then I’ll read City of Lost Souls. I loved City of Fallen Angels, but I really didn’t care much for Clockwork Angel and am not enjoying Clockwork Prince very much. 😦 It makes me sad lol.

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