When Elephants Fly Review | The Mental Illness Book That Everyone Should Read!

Hi friends! I’m BACK with another review!


4.5 Baby Elephants

Thank you so much Edelweiss and Harlequin Teen for providing me with a free e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

Okay, first off this cover is amazing. Like, it’s gorgeous but also symbolizes so much. AND THE ELEPHANT TRUNK???

TW for suicide, abuse, schizophrenia, and animal abuse.

I’m not really sure what to say. That I infinitely prefer this book to Turtles All The Way Down? That reading from the perspective of Lily was just…eye-opening? Inspiring? Heartbreaking? I don’t really think that words can adequately express what’s running through my brain right now but I’ll try.

I’ve never read a book that tackles schizophrenia before. Our main character, Lily, doesn’t have it but her chances of getting it are pretty dang high. Her mom had it and tried to kill Lily when she was seven. All Lily has to do is avoid stress for twelve years of her life, and then she’s free from the genetic curse. However, she’s soon faced with decisions. Decisions that involve the welfare of a baby elephant, herself, her best friend, and so much more.

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail because it kinda spoils the book. The author consulted experts and did a ton of research on mental illness, but one thing she continually repeats throughout the book is that no mental illness is the same. Lily’s story is actually inspired by two real-life events.

It’s not just schizophrenia that’s tackled in this book. There’s so much more to this, that I honestly can’t go over it all (spoilers!). I do think everyone ought to read this book for one simple reason:

It offers perspective.

Perspective into a life I personally can’t imagine living. Perspective into the power of bravery, belief, hope, and doing what’s right. Fans of Turtles All The Way Down should definitely pick this one up. I think the ending is actually kinda similar!

My main complaints with this book are the romance and the plot. I wasn’t really a big fan of the romance but I that might just be me and my own personal preferences speaking. Aside from the lovey-dovey stuff, I also found the plot to be a bit slow and not enough to cover the full 400 pages.

That aside, there is great diversity, great character development, hope and honesty. I loved this book and hope you do too! Au revoir!

8 thoughts on “When Elephants Fly Review | The Mental Illness Book That Everyone Should Read!

  1. Great review Kaya! I really enjoy when a lot of research goes into a mental health book. I feel like you can tell when an author takes the time. I sometimes think romance just doesn’t work in this kind of book but then I’ll read the rare case when it works really well and I’ll sit back and say its a case by case thing, but I’m just sorry it didn’t work in this book, though it sounds amazing otherwise!! ❤️

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