Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A New Bookish Opportunity Arises From The Deep

Hi friends! Today, I wanted to let you guys know of a new digital magazine up for grabs: a new bookish digital magazine. I know what you’re thinking: why the sweet mother of fudge brownies would we buy a magazine when we could be reading? Well lovely book-warriors, allow me to shed some light on the subject (please tell me you caught that reference!)

Thank you to Curiositales Magazine for the first free issue in exchange for an honest review! 

5 Reasons To Check Curiositales Magazine Out:

1. Tips and Tricks!

Several bookstagrammers got together to share their creative journey, what inspires them, and how they got started doing what they’re doing. Personally, I found it so helpful with my own Instagram pics! Even if you’re just a reader, it’s so much fun to see the process behind some of the gorgeous photos.


2. Exposure for Smaller Businesses!

I saw advertising for a ton of great bookish shops, everything from T-shirts to chocolate bars! I never realized how much literary merchandise is out there. I’m so happy that lesser-known shops are being featured!


3. Awesome Author Interviews!

I know that might sound straight-forward but what I loved was that both the authors featured were debut authors. Sarah Henning and Bree Barton both have novels coming out on July 31. It was genuinely wonderful to hear about the emotional, mental, and physical journeys these lovely ladies went through, and how they overcame their obstacles!


4. Quality Short Stories!

I absolutely adored the short stories I read. One in particular really tugged at my heartstrings, and actually inspired me to write more! I’m very impressed with the amount of thought that went into them.


5. Plenty of Potential!

While the first issue was incredible, there’s still plenty of room left to grow and change and adjust! There’s so much potential to be found when dealing with the book community. Also, they have opportunities for YOU to contribute!

There’s an insane amount of content for only six dollars an issue, and I’d highly recommend checking it out! AND if you sign up before August 18, you get a commemorative pin too.

If you’re interested in checking out Curiositales Magazine, here is the link to their website: https://curiositales.com/

That’s it for today, friends! I’m so excited that I got to share this new magazine with you! Would you get this magazine? Catch ya later, au revoir!



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