Warcross | Faster Than The Speed of Light (surrender now or prepare to fight, that’s right!)

Hi friends! I was really trying to think up a title for this review and you know what, Team Rocket came to me speaking words of wisdom.


DO YOU SEE HOW CLASSY THEY ARE?! Okay maybe not Meowth…anyway, today I will be giving you a review of a book I finished a few days ago but um certainly did not forget to write a review (who does that?) which is:



Warcross by Marie Lu!

4 Mario Karts

MY FIRST MARIE LU BOOK EVER! Never mind that I’m late to the hype…better late then never, amiright?

In case y’all are like me and completely out of it, let me tell you what this book is about. SO Emika is a hacker. I KNOW. Basically, long story short, she hacks into this huge championship for Warcross but is seen. By millions. Oh yeah and Warcross is this HUGE video game that’s also virtual reality, and it’s like the biggest thing since chocolate cake. Anyway, the creator of Warcross named Hideo hires her to play in the championship but also act as a spy. Because let me tell you, there’s a hacker named Zero in the building and he does not play around. So now Emika must track down this hacker while also maintaining her cover. Whew.

My Thoughts:

  • First off, props to the author: REPRESENTATION ROCKS. I love how we got characters from different backgrounds and races!
  • Also, I flew through this. I know Warcross is short and stout but come on, since when do I finish books in two days?!
  • Marie Lu somehow created a plausible world. Like, it didn’t feel too far into the future.
  • Awesome side characters
  • Seriously, everyone is crazy cool
  • I will admit that I predicted something but didn’t predict something else AH I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING
  • I wasn’t really feeling the romance
  • I really want to rant but just know three things
  • I saw no sparks
  • It felt a little insta-lovey
  • Honestly, it kinda replaced the gaming
  • Speaking of gaming, my other complain is the lack of it. 
  • There were maybe two games THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR MEEEEE



Too much romance, not enough gaming. Very entertaining, excellent characters. Sorry this isn’t a better review but it will be like a week by the time I get this up so yeah XD. Do you guys have a favorite video game? Catch ya later, au revoir!

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