And The Ocean Was Our Sky | A Sorta Retelling of Toby Wick (er…Moby Dick)

Hi friends! Here I am, with another review. LOOK GUYS I’M ACTUALLY READING FOR ONCE!

Thank you so much to the publishers who provided me with an e-ARC via Edelweiss! 



Publication Date: September 4, 2018


4.5 Stars

And The Ocean Was Our Sky is sort of a retelling of Moby Dick, but from a whale’s perspective. Where Patrick Ness gets his ideas from is beyond me. Like, can I have a piece of creative genius or is that just for certain individuals who break my heart *cough A Monster Calls cough cough*. I don’t want to say anything more because, well, it’s better to experience it for yourself!

Do all these things but do not pretend there is a must. That is how evil is rationalized.”

My Thoughts

  • Okay first of all, let me tell you that the illustrations are gorgeous. And it’s not even a finished copy!
  • The world-building is okay, it doesn’t feel info-dumpy.
  • Because the whales call our sky the Abyss, and from their perspective, they swim down to meet the surface?
  • It’s so interesting but SO WEIRD
  • It’s a crazy short book but has a full story and characters which is awesome
  • Like somehow Patrick Ness has used whales and a tiny book to introduce some extremely though-provoking topics.
  • I haven’t read Moby Dick (I KNOW) but even I could catch some clever references.
  • Perspective and prejudice are such important themes.
  • I will say that it sometimes felt a little off. Again, the length of the book made several scenes feel relatively rushed.
  • My other issue with the world-building is that I did find myself lost sometimes. It took a bit to grasp the full impact of everything, and there just wasn’t enough time for me to fully understand it.

Why Should You Read It?

IT’S SO UNIQUE. I’m really impressed with the amount of thought put into this book, especially since it’s so short. I think this really follows more in the vein of A Monster Calls rather than the Chaos Walking Trilogy, so I’d recommend this if you enjoyed the former!Despite some of the issues I had, I definitely don’t regret the experience and would love to read the finished copy when it comes out!

Hope you enjoyed the review, and I helped you decide whether or not to pick it up!



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