A Reaper At The Gates Review: A Devastating Ride

Hi friends! I just wanted to say that while this review is spoiler free for this book, previous installments will be spoiled. I hope you enjoy!



Let’s begin with a confession: I cried fifty pages into this book. That’s pretty bad. I’m slightly overwhelmed by feelings right now so apologies in advance if this review seems overly emotional!

Let’s Talk About The First 150 Pages, Shall We?

  • Well, the first thing is Helene’s new chapter titles are death on a stick (my new expression for it did worse than kill me.) Like seriously.
  • Despite a ton of action, the book kinda crawls along at a bit of a slow pace.
  • Sabaa did a fantastic job of really hitting home all the character and world development from the first book in the early stages.
  • Every scene is literally chock-full of hidden meanings and depth, there is no “lightheartedness” in this book.
  • It does struggle to find its footing in the grand scheme of things, all of the character’s perspectives feel a bit scattered.

“The cruelest anger can come from the deepest pain.”

Are The Characters Annoying Or Awesome?

  • Helene is so amazing like there are no words
  • I never realized just how complex and developed Laia’s character was until this book so there’s that
  • Sabaa definitely can write villains I love to hate, I’ll give her that
  • I’m such a broken record but seriously even the (ahem) morally grey characters are extremely complex
  • I hate the Commandant
  • I felt like Elias got so much less page-time here and even when he had some, they weren’t of great importance so yeah that hurt

We Need To Talk About The Plot

  • I gasped…more than once. Even when predictable, the twists have such devastating effects and consequences that it’s impossible to be impervious.
  • Okay, maybe I predicted a couple of plot twists but when it actually happened the entire story was turned on its head. Like, connecting it to the first book was genius but also really devastating.
  • It might have its slow points but it knows where it’s going and my gosh, the payoff!
  • Nothing ever goes right and I’m permanently depressed.

“Hope is stronger than fear. It is stronger than hate.”

Holy Ending Batman!

  • Oh my stars. That ending. Fantastic job of building up to it but whew…
  • I swear this entire world gets drastically changed every time Sabaa does something yet she still makes it so believable what is this magic
  • Three words: Elias’s. Last. Chapter. *screams into oblivion*



While this book had a few issues, I’m emotionally wrecked and Sabaa’s deft word wielding made up for it. WHY MUST I WAIT FOR THE LAST BOOK?!?! Anyway, I’m sorry this wasn’t a more fact-y review, but I really couldn’t get my brain together to formulate one. Comment below your thoughts on this book! Can’t wait to see ya again, au revoir!




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