Harry Potter Anniversary Week Day Three: Top 7 Characters!

Hi friends! I’m back with another Harry Potter post, hosted by Weird Zeal so go check her post out! Today I’m naming my top seven favorite characters (and I’d be lying if I didn’t say this wasn’t one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.)

Spoilers for Character Deaths Ahead, so Consider Yourself Warned!

7. Dobby


I’m already crying, great. Sweet Dobby who did his best to look out for his friends, even if it wasn’t always the smartest plan. The best house-elf ever.


6. Sirius Black

giphy (1).gif

Haha Draco, guess your father can’t hear about it now huh? Anyway, while Sirius has his flaws, his relationship with Harry destroys me every single time. Let’s just leave it at that before I cry a flood, shall we?


5. Hagrid

giphy (2)

Oh, sweet Hagrid. He didn’t deserve half the stuff that happened to him. He and Sirius should have started a justice committee honestly. Hagrid cares so much for all creatures you can’t help but love him, he’s practically a big old teddy bear.


4. Fred and George Weasley

giphy (3)

No, I’m NOT putting them separately because it’s bad enough they’ve been separated in death. Fred’s death destroyed me more than any other one, I love these twins so much. Their humor and uniqueness and loyalty to each other…(sob)


3. Ron Weasley

giphy (4).gif

So now we’re down to the top three and I’m putting Ron in this spot because he’s amazing. Like, this eleven-year old kid solved a game made up by Professor McGonagall! 


2. Harry Potter

giphy (5)

The Boy Who Lived. Despite spending his early years with the horrible Dursleys, Harry never lets that affect his good heart. He may not be perfect but who is?


1. Dolores Umbridge

LOL just kidding I despise that woman to no end. The real winner is…


1. Hermione Granger!

Hermione is one of the greatest female characters of all time. She’s clever and brave and a fantastic role model for girls everywhere! Honestly, I can’t describe just how much I love her and wish we were real-life friends because she’s amazing!

So that’s it guys! Wow, I think a piece of my heart broke permanently while doing this. Comment below your favorite characters 🙂 Au revoir!



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